Monday, October 31, 2005

Fall Back - Yuck!

As you may know, I really, really don't like falling back and springing forward. If you don't recall this just click here to check out my plan on making daylight savings time last all year round....

I know that in the past I said that the person who came up with Daylight Savings Time couldn't possibly have had kids. Apparently I was wrong! Benjamin Franklin first conceived of Daylight Savings Time and he had kids.

I guess I am not totally opposed to daylight savings time since one of my campaign promises would be to make it last all year long. However, I am opposed to falling back!

Anyway, if you or your kids are interested in the History of Daylight Savings Time, click here to read this interesting article on the History of Daylight Savings Time.


Sunday, October 23, 2005

Matthew's twelve year old birthday today

Today we went to the Houston Zoo for Matthew's birthday. When you go to the zoo with Matthew it's like you have your own zoo employee walking around with you. Here's a short example...

While walking though the reptile exhibit, Matthew says,

'That's a poison dart frog. The poison dart frog got it's name from natives who used to make arrows with the poison from this frog..."

Matthew is planning on studying zoology and paleontology when he grows up, but quite frankly by the time he is in college, he will probably know more about paleontology and zoology then some of his professors... That doesn't mean he won't need to learn more, but he is a pretty bright kid.

Someone at work mentioned how hard it must be now that he is almost teenager, but I said it really isn't so bad. Matthew is a really good kid. He's very helpful and not really hard to take care of. He doesn't talk back, not your typical 12 year old. I like to think it has something to do with his upbringing and the fact that we homeschool him. He is not exposed to the traditionally bad behavior of kids in school so he only knows how to behave well. Or at least as well as his parents and siblings behave.

Anyway, we had a fun birthday party today. I can't believe Matthew is already 12, he will be driving in no time... Maybe he can run for President, he would make a good President when he grows up. He is all about justice and fairness.


Thursday, October 20, 2005

Houston Astros in the World Series

Ok, I am not really much of a baseball fan, but since I live in Houston I have to say it...

Woohooo ... The Astros are in the World Series! Go Houston Astros!

All things considered, it is pretty amazing how far they have made it. It just goes to show how important good team work and a positive attitude are towards achieving our goals.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Not another Hurricane, Go away Wilma!

Uggh! Another Hurricane! We really, really, really don't need anymore hurricanes.

I really hope that Wilma goes from a cat 5 to a tropical depresssion or something. I know that is higly unlikely, but we REALLY don't need any more hurricanes hitting the US this year!

My parents live in Tampa Bay, FL and currently the path of the hurricane looks like it will be coming close to them. Yuck!
Maybe my parents can evacuate and come here for a little while. They live right on the edge of the evacuation zone for the coast and stayed through last years hurricane that just missed them. I just hope this one misses Tampa Bay as well.

I was just thinking about my plan to teleport ants to terrorist hangouts and I was thinking maybe we should start teleporting hurricanes back into the ocean. That would be cool!

We need to get to work on improving our teleportation technology right away, it could have a lot of good uses (getting rid of ants, annoying terrorists, moving hurricanes, reducing emissions, etc.).

If I were President, advancing the technology of teleportation would be high on my list of things to do. In fact, I might even consider taking money from the Ant Hill Security department to pay for it...

I Am Almost Better

I haven't had any of the really bad tasting herbs since the last time I posted. That may be why I am still feeling a little bit under the weather. However, I am feeling much better. I don't seem to be running a fever, and I am only congested at this point. All in all things are looking up.

Despite not having any of the nasty tasting herbs, I did wind up trying a new treatment...


Yes, you heard that right, I let someone stick with me needles. I had accupuncture done to clear my sinuses!

My wife had accupuncture to clear her sinuses when she was pregnant and it REALLY worked out well for her. So she convinced me to try it.

After having a bunch of needles stuck in me, my sinuses were a lot better. Also, I felt like I had more energy. It was very interesting. I am not sure how it works, but it does seem to work (at least it did for me).

Amazingly enough having needles stuck in me turned out to be a lot easier than drinking those nasty tasting herbs. I am going to have to find out what those herbs are called so they can mysteriously "disappear" the next time I have a cold.

Errrrr, I mean so that I can start taking them right away to get better quicker...

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Cure for the common cold and flu

Well, I am officialy ill (but I will be better soon).

I have been running a fever all day, YUCK! And basically I have felt like I am carrying a boulder.

On the upside my wife Jill made me drink some sort of herb that tasted like dog doodoo. Followed by another herbal drink of what can only be described as cat dodooo. (For those out there wondering the cat doodoo is worse tasting then the dog doodoo).

Evertime I get ill, my wife gives me new herbal teas, various treatments, etc. that are not so much fun. However, I think my wife has truely found the cure for the common cold and flu.

Why do I say this?

Well, Jill's theory is that after having enough of these disgusting/bothersome remedies the person being treated (ME) CAN'T STAND being ill anymore and will get healthy.

I think she really has found the cure for the common cold and the flu. No need for a flu vaccine, just take some nasty tasting herbal tea and you will be better QUICK.

I mean there is no way in the world I want to taste those herbs that she gave me this evening EVER, EVER, again. If I have to take them again tomorrow, I am guaranteed to be better by Saturday.

Quite frankly I am praying to be healed tonight (believe me you would be too).

I forgot to mention that often times the longer I am ill the worse the herbs and treatments get. So I better be well tomorrow! So for those of you out there who are reading this please pray for me to better so I don't have to taste those herbs again.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Moving to Canada?

Last week I read about President Bush's plan to use militarty force to quarantine people if there is a dangerous flu outbreak.

A lot of thoughts ran through my head, but I think my wife Jill's initial reaction summed up my thoughts on this,

"... I'm moving to the Canadian wilderness..."

Now don't get me wrong, it's not like I want to go live in Canada. For one thing, if I moved to Canada I would have to learn to how say "eh" after every sentence. It's taken me a long time to develop a Texas accent and I am not sure how the transition from a Texas accent to a Canadian accent would go.

After hearing about goverment plans like this I often think,

"If I were President there is no way I would do that, so maybe I SHOULD run for President."

Something for me to keep in mind, when I make my final decision about running for President in 2008...

Friday, October 07, 2005

Nice Story

What a nice story this is.

I am so happy to see how the people of Houston and across the country reacted to Hurricane Katrina.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

LOST in Purgatory

If you don't watch the show LOST, then you can just skip this post...

Last week a thought occurred to my wife Jill when Desmond (the guy Jack was running with in the stadium) said,
"See you in the next life." (a line he repeated this week).

Her thought was that they are in their next life.

I have read some heard some really good theories about the Show, but Jill's idea that the people in LOST are stuck in Purgatory makes a lot of sense to me. They all seem to be fighting their past demons on the island, much like one would do in Purgatory.

Now back to our regularly scheduled program...

Monday, October 03, 2005

Comment Change and Yet Another Reader!

I got my first comment on this blog the other day which made me realize two things:

1. I have yet another reader of my blog.

2. My comment settings were too restrictive.

I found this out because the other day Liz Fierge commented that she reads my blog. She happens to have her own blogger blog ( which is actually pretty fun to read. Go check it out and then come back here.

I decided I would respond to her comment. I found out you have to login with your blogger ID to comment on my blog. Apparently, when I enabled comments on this blog, I set it so that only those who had a blogger account could comment. I changed that setting so that anyone can comment. So feel free to post your comments, just keep them kid friendly and be sure to read my comment SPAM policy before commenting on anything.