Saturday, November 05, 2011

Falling Back Again - Bummer

If I were President the first thing I would do is sign an executive order that kept Daily Savings Time all year round. I really dislike "falling back" and "springing forward", but I would like the extra daylight hours all year round.

PS. It's been a while since I have written on this blog. I am considering starting a new blog to continue what I started here. Let me know if you want to hear me talk about the Tea Party, Occupy Wallstreet and all that is the mess we call politics in the US. For now, see ya later...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If I were president, I would take a series of steps to insure the strength of our great nation.
Theses are drastic steps to change our path.

1 Secure our boarders by moving the majority of military training to our boarders, and establish bases up and down our boarders. We pay to train them now, Why not get twice the benefit from the greatest force on earth,
2 Cut any and all tax benefits for any corporation that does not have at least an 80% occupancy and production in the USA.
3 Create international tax policy for all countries equal customs duties and taxes
4 Open the North Slope to ensure our inescapable need for oil.
5 Start bringing our troops home, but keep the budget the same, We have been paying for decades, so what’s one more, but divert those funds to start to rebuild our country, creating jobs and spending money on something that will last 100 years instead of going BOOM and its gone, and create 100.000’s of jobs for our citizens and our returning military and cost us no more the we are already spending.
To save time I skipped a few steps that I will include later

I want to address the biggest issue facing us, our deficit 13 trillion +

I would abolish cash, and create a credit system; we have the technology to do it right now. 30 to 40% of the US currency in circulation would not be able to be turned in.
By doing this we accomplish many things.
1 If you cant prove where you got it, then you cant get credits, its only good for wall paper,
2 You instantly strip the wealth of most terrorists, drug kingpins.
3 No way for gangs to operate.
4 No more bank robberies, stick up, or anything because there is no cash.
5 No more kidnapping,
Most crime would switch to white-collar non-violent crimes

So this is just a few things I would do

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