Tuesday, January 25, 2005

nofollow tag

Just a quick note about the nofollow tag...

Now with the advent of the nofollow tag (
personally, I think they should have named it "nospam"), it looks like comment Spam may die down. Read more about the nofollow tag on Yahoo, MSN, and Google's blogs.

I haven't allowed comments on this blog because of comment spam, but I am reconsidering this decision because I would like to get feedback from you. This way I would know how YOU feel about my platform and other issues.

If I were President, comment spam would also be banned during the no spam week. I guess for now the rel="nofollow" tag will have to do.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Vacation Good - SPAM BAD

I just got back to work from a long week and half vacation and boy is it hard to get back into the swing of things.

First, I had to catch up on my e-mail. The fun part of that is deleting the SPAM. SPAM seems to follow me everywhere I go. What I really need is a vacation from SPAM.

If I were President, I would call for a national week off from the Internet! All web hosting companies in the US would shut down their services for one full week. I know what you are thinking,

"What??? No e-mail for an entire week?"
Yes, no SPAM for an entire week!

"What if at the end of the week I check my email and spammers from overseas have sent me a million spam messages? What should I do then?

Here is the deal, if anyone in the United States receives a spam message during our national no-spam week, then they would forward it to the new U.S. Anti-Spam agency. The Anti-Spam agency would track down the SPAMers and either get their host country to put them in jail or we would label that county as a SPAM harboring country and no longer let web hosts accept mail from that country. We might impose other penalties on the country, including the possible relocation of ants to that country (see my post on using ants to fight terrorism for more information).

A week with no spam!

Now that would be a vacation.

Over time we could extend the anti-spam agency's role to fight all spam. But for starters a week off from receiving spam sounds like a great vacation to me!