Monday, November 01, 2004

The BIG Day

It's the big day, the day before the election. And I know EVERYONE in the USA is going to visit this blog, anxiously waiting to find out...

Will I run for President in 2004 or not???

Before I tell you the answer, I have to let you know how my search for a running mate went. As you are already well aware, John DeNardo turned down my offer to become my running mate because he doesn't like politics. With only two weeks left I had very little time to find a running mate. I asked my friends and family if they were interested and none of them wanted to lose to Mickey Mouse!

Then I decided to try and find someone famous to run with me. It took a while (a whole week!), but I FINALLY found someone famous (well sort of famous) to run with me!

And that man is...

Hal Jordan aka. Green Lantern!

I know some of you are thinking, who in the world is Green lantern?

Some of you are thinking, why Hal Jordan, why not Kyle Rainer?

Some of you are thinking couldn't you have gotten a more popular SuperHero like Superman or Batman?

I would like to first address those questions and then let you know whether or not Hal and I will be running in 2004.

Q. Who in the world is Green lantern?

Green Lantern is a superhero, with a special ring that creates anything he can imagine (using a green ray).

Note: This ring could be of great use during political debates, more on that some other time...

Q. Why Hal Jordan, why not Kyle Rainer?

Hal Jordan is one of 36,000 Green Lanterns. He and Kyle Rainer are the most popular ones. I chose Hal Jordan simply because Kyle is not old enough yet to qualify for the office of Vice President.

Q. Couldn't you have gotten a more popular SuperHero like Superman or Batman?

I tried, believe me I tried. My first choice was Superman, but I never could get in touch with him. I think something might be wrong with him... I wonder where he is?

Then I tried Batman. I got in touch with him, but he said "I don't like politics." Ugghh, rejected again with the same "I don't like politics" line. After hearing this same line from the Flash, the Hulk, AquaMan, WonderWoman, Spiderman, and Robin. I started to think that there was no hope for me! Then I got in touch with Hal Jordan. He said he would love to run as Vice President with me. He even sounded excited about it. So, there you go, I found someone to run with me. And a SuperHero at that!

Next, I had to decide whether we would run in 2004 or 2008 or some other time? After quite bit of thought, we decided that we would wait until 2008 to run for President. Green Lantern and I discussed my latest plans for winning the election and we think that he may be able to use his green ring to cause the ants in my backyard to register and vote for us, helping us win the Presidential election in 2008 with ease!

So don't vote for me in 2004. I repeat don't vote for George Manty and Green Lantern in 2004! Wait for 2008 when we have both YOU and the ANTS on our side!


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