Sunday, August 29, 2004

not in 2004

I have my wife's approval. She said "If God wants you to be President, you'll be President." Upon further review... I have decided I am not going to run for President in 2004.

I think that flip-flopping on a big decision like this will help my chances in 2008, should I decide to run. Flip-flopping on important issues actually appears to be a pre-requisite for being a Presidential candidate. So I think this decision will go a long way towards getting me elected (along wtih my plan for the ants).

Also, the reality is that with such little time before the election, I would have recieved less votes than Mickey Mouse. Mickey Mouse got over 400 votes in the 2000 Presidential campaign in the State of Florida alone. There is no way I would have beaten Mickey in Florida. It would have been embarrasing to lose to a Mouse. I mean what would I tell my kids.

kids: "Dad we know you didn't win, but how did you do?"

Me: "Well, I almost beat Donald Duck, but Mickey Mouse blew my socks off."

endless Laughter...

kids: "That was funny Dad, so how did you really do?"

I wonder what would happen if Mickey ever won the election? I wonder what provision there is in the constitution for a fictional character winning the election?

Maybe I should change my name to Mickey Mouse, just in case that ever happens. Then I could take a trip to D.C., "Hi, my name is Mickey Mouse. Oh boy, I just won the election, where do I go to get sworn in?"

See you real soon...


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