Thursday, January 19, 2006

Global Warming - What's my excuse?

I just finished reading a news story about giant jellyfish in Japan. They said that global warming could be causing the influx of these giant jellyfish to Japan.

I hear the words "global warming" on a daily basis these days. Global warming seems to be the excuse for everything, "cold weather, hot weather, hurricanes, animal extinction, animal population growth, skin cancer, drought, famine, etc."

So, I have decided that in 2006 my excuse for everything is going to be "global warming". Yes, you heard that right. In 2006 I will blame everything on global warming.

For example:
  • Speeding - "Sorry officer, global warming caused my car to break the speed limit."
  • Late to work - "Sorry boss, global warming slowed me down today."
  • Tired - "Global warming is making me so tired."
  • Stub a toe - "Ouch, global warming!"
  • Not listening to spouse - "Sorry honey, I wasn't listening. Global warming you know..."
I think this should work out pretty well for me in 2006.

Now, I know this post wasn't my funniest post ever, but what can I do? Global warming is making me less and less funny by the day.

Wow, it sure is hot in here...


Blogger gmanty said...

BTW - If you want to live a long life don't use that last excuse.

10:24 AM  

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