Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Gas Wars

That title sounds a little... well, um... stinky.

But it's not that kind of gas I am talking about.

As everyone knows gas prices are outrageous. We need to lower demand for gas. There are already many things in place, like mass transit, etc. But it's not enough!

If I were President the following would be my fool proof way to lower gas prices:

1. Get rid of all schools. (I know this is a drastic move, but it's my plan.)

Everyone would be required to homeschool. I couldn't find good statistics on the number of school buses in the US, but there are over 105,000 K-12 schools in the United States. Just imagine how many school buses that is? Imagine how many parents have to drive out of their way to drop their kids off at school. Imagine how much gas it would save if all of those kids were homeschooled?

2. Give companies major benefits for allowing workers to telecommute.

If people are telecommuting they aren't wasting gas to get to work. I am fairly certain there are some incentives in place today, but the government could give even better incentives to have workers telecommute.

3. Work on advancing our teleportation technology.

I know it's a bit of stretch, but it would also help us fight terrorist.

If those three things didn't curtail the need for gas, then I would strongly consider undoing the industrial revolution. We could get rid of everything that required gas. Get back to an agricultural society. That would take care of our gas problems...


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