Thursday, May 25, 2006

Elevator Conversation of DOOM

This morning when I got to work, there were about 7 of us riding up the elevator. That's not to unusual. Two ladies started talking and the conversation went something like this:

Lady 1: "How's your daughter doing?"
Lady 2: "Not well, she has red dots all over her. Looks like the measles or mumps."
Lady 1: "Oh no, our daughters were playing together yesterday."
Lady 2: "I didn't know yesterday. Has your daughter ever had the measles before?"

They exit the elevator to get off on their floor. The doors close and the Lady next to me says:

"I wish I had taken a different elevator."

Prompting a guy on the elevator to say:

"What's the incubation period for measles and mumps?"

All, I have to say is that I wish I wasn't on that elevator either. Oh well...


Anonymous John D. said...

From WebMD: "The incubation period—the time between when you are first exposed to the measles virus and when you develop symptoms—is usually about 8 to 12 days.

Good luck with that, then! :)

3:52 PM  
Blogger gmanty said...

Thanks a lot.

9:06 PM  

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